My European Adventure

First post! First day interrailing! Last morning lying far too long in my own comfortable bed just because I can. Ah, the underappreciated luxuries of home are suddenly presenting themselves to me. A hot cup of maple coffee in my favourite mug with the sturdy handle and the stained rim. A hot shower I actually know how to turn on. Those ‘five more minutes!’ in between the sheets. Oh look at that, I’m being melodramatic. While my advice now is to not take ANYTHING for granted, my point is, I’m going on an adventure! The world awaits!

A little bit of back story here; I graduated from high school this weekend. Lots of celebration and food and embracing and all that. But what it also was, was the end to three years of my life. Perhaps even my entire school life since first grade. The bulk of my life uptil now has consisted of school. The first question I hear from acquaintances: “how was school today?” The first topic discussed in social gatherings? “This lab report is killing me.” Not to mention how much I’ve grown to love all these people I’ve spent all these years with, and how they help me carry on through every day life. So now what??

These last three years, so full of memories and laughs, are a chapter in my life, and one I can’t help but be immensely grateful for. However, I have a load more chapters to go through! A whole new world (if you get that reference… congratulations). Now is the time to frantically get my shit together, hope for the best, and step on the ferry to Stockholm. And not come back till three weeks later! Nervous? Yes. Can’t wait? HELL YES. My journey, my European adventure (making it sound romantic… you never know), begins here. Armed with a map, an InterRail ticket, and my ukulele, here goes nothing. These pages will document the – hopefully breathtaking – places I see, friends I make, food I taste, and horror stories and heartwarming moments I experience. So this is me, turning the page to a new chapter.



the world as I see it... it looks best painted with coffee
the world as I see it… it looks best painted with coffee

1 thought on “My European Adventure

  1. Great fun to read of your adventures. Continue to enjoy despite the occasional set back. Hot chocolate also helps.


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